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Meet the Jephries: The Beatles of Anchorage

As the enigmatic frontman for Anchorage-based indie rockers, The Jephries, Sid Conklin is equal parts crust kid and eccentric philosopher. Rarely seen without a hat covering his tangle of shoulder-length blonde hair, Conklin’s salt-of-the-earth appearance flows seamlessly with his seemingly relaxed demeanor. But with one look into Conklin’s piercing eyes, it’s clear that he is constantly observing and cataloguing his surroundings. “I’m always writing—even when the words don’t make sense. It’s about capturing a feeling and I am inspired by what my friends and bandmates do and say,” explains Conklin in his characteristically muffled voice. “I’ve never seen any differences between what Bob Dyla

Inside the life of Anchorage cover bands

Three years ago, singer Peter Ettinger was having a killer performance. He was hitting every note with noticeable ease and his band was following suit. The set finished in epic style—with head banging and a fluttering falsetto smoother than aged tequila. But even as the final note hung in the air, those in attendance failed to give the exhausted singer so much as a solitary, sarcastic clap. Often times, this is the life of a cover band. “I don’t think any kid dreams of being in a cover band,” admits Ettinger. “You know, we all want to be that rock star.” It’s no secret that the two dirtiest words in the music industry are “cover band." Considered the buzzards of the music world, cover bands

Ed Washington is getting his groove back

Courtesy Photograph In Alaska’s jam band heavy music scene, it isn’t easy trying to carve out a niche that doesn’t fit the status quo—but that’s exactly what R&B singer Ed Washington is trying to do. A UAA Music Department graduate, Washington developed his love of music at an early age. “My whole family on both sides loves music. My brother is out in LA pursuing music right now and my little sister has actually recorded a couple of songs with me. Also, my cousin, Mike G, was a pretty big R&B singer up here back in the day,” says Washington. Despite his deep musical roots, the self-described high-functioning introvert initially set his sights on producing. “Honestly, initially I didn’t want

Transgender Anchorageite Quinn Christopherson wins NPR’s Tiny Desk competition

Quinn Christopherson sits in a corner booth at Dark Horse Coffee. The 26-year-old’s petite frame is enveloped by well-worn padded bench and his head is scarcely visible above the table. He has a noticeable arch to his back as his gracefully long fingers nimbly play with his drink cup. “I didn’t start playing music until I was 19. My dad had bought me a ukulele for Christmas, or maybe it was my birthday,” he explains in a sweetly quiet voice. Christopherson doesn’t remember the exact moment he became a musician—but given his non-traditional ascent to Alaska music royalty, that isn’t surprising. Although he has been quietly making music and developing his signature style for the past 7 years,

Cloud Chamber by photographer Kerry Tasker opens at Akela Space

When you first meet Anchorage-based photographer Kerry Tasker its hard to reconcile his calm, collected demeanor with the vibrant, quirky images he creates. Never spotted without a hat and a flannel shirt, Tasker is a skilled photographic assassin who has a knack for capturing candid moments of jubilation. As it turns out, he’s also skilled at navigating some tricky situations. “I graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art with a BFA in 2007 but it was literally the worst time to graduate. The economic bubble had just burst, and people weren’t interested in hiring green art majors,” recalls Tasker. “I ended up pretty broke, so I got a job working up on the slope in spill response fo

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