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Dropkick Murphys, Shinedown and Slightly Stoopid take varying roads to the Alaska State Fair

Over the next two weeks, the Alaska State Fair will play host to eleven musical acts representing every genre from country to hardcore punk. These traveling musicians come from small-towns in the midwest, urban metropolises like Boston and sandy beaches in California. As seemingly disparate as their backgrounds may be, many of the acts share a remarkable similarity that is rare in today’s music industry. They’ve all stayed together for over two decades. Or in the case of Tower of Power, just over a half-century. Of course, there’s been turnover in each band. Tower of Power has had sixty musicians grace their lineup. Shinedown only has two original members still performing, and the Dropkick M

The End of The END: The day local music died

While most of Alaska coalesced against life in Marga-veto-ville, one of Anchorage’s only sources of local music on the radio quietly died off to the tune of ‘I’ll Be Fine’ by the Saturday Sleepers. A Sunday night staple on the now-defunct 94.7 KZND The End, the HomeGrown Show existed to exclusively promote Alaskan bands. Although it was only one hour of programming a week, to those who supported it, it was the Holy Grail of Anchorage radio. As is the case with any legend, the facts surrounding not only the beginning but the unceremonious ending of the HomeGrown Show, are somewhat shrouded in mystery. “We know that it started sometime in 2008, maybe 2009, or at least somewhere thereabouts,” e

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