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Shipe Shots 

Editorial Photography and Journalism

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November 29, 2018

“If you think about the performance in terms of holiday parties, I would say this is like the cool, swanky cocktail party everyone hopes they get to go to,” laughed Hodges.

September 15, 2017

Favorite animal out of a moose, a musk-ox and a bear?

Do you know what the capital of Alaska is?
“Hold on, hold on. Oh my god, is it Juneau? I did it! I am so proud!”

What stereotype about Alaskans are you secretly hoping will be true?
“Wow, I can’t think of any right now! I know you don’t ride bears or live in igloos. Um, I guess t...

September 15, 2017

Thumping techno beats aren’t the only thing distinguishing the singer from today’s pop stars – there’s advocacy, too. Etheridge has built a career on using her music as a platform for social activism from civil rights to environmental issues.

May 25, 2017

With nearly 20 years separating the youngest and oldest band members, The Modern Savage may not be able to settle on a favorite genre but there is at least one era of music that they can all agree on.

October 27, 2016

With an anticipated tenth studio album reported to be released in 2017, The Offspring has been spending much of 2016 on tour.

August 26, 2016

So what becomes of those Rock bands like Buckcherry who still want to have skin in the game?

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