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8 Rapid Fire Questions with Melissa Etheridge

Favorite animal out of a moose, a musk-ox and a bear? “Bear!” Do you know what the capital of Alaska is? “Hold on, hold on. Oh my god, is it Juneau? I did it! I am so proud!” What stereotype about Alaskans are you secretly hoping will be true? “Wow, I can’t think of any right now! I know you don’t ride bears or live in igloos. Um, I guess that you guys are just as badass as I think you are.” Summer in Alaska or winter in Alaska? Probably summer in Alaska because I am a little wimpy. Halibut or salmon? “Definitely salmon! I try to eat some of it every day.” Ice skating or skiing? “Skiing, I’m a much better skier.” Would you rather go dog sledding or see bears up close in Katmai? “I think I’d like to see the bears.” Have you ever seen a glacier? “Actually, yes! I went up to Alaska to take a family cruise with Rosie O’Donnell. I kind of just snuck on because I really wanted to go. So I got to see glaciers up close and even ride in a dog sled. This was about 10 years ago and I just loved it but it was the total tourist thing. I am looking forward to being on land and actually getting to see Alaska this time.”

*Originally published by the Anchorage Press

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