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36 Crazyfists celebrate 25 years with Golden Ticket-only show Friday night at Koot’s

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Once a dominant genre in Alaska’s music scene, metalcore has slowly faded to black in favor of the resurgence of the singer-songwriter. It’s a trend that local music promotion company Family Tree Presents, hopes will turn around.

“You know, I have been noticing that there are less and less metal shows. There are fewer younger bands, which are the ones who are going to grow up and play in the bars. I think it is in part because of a lack of venues,” says Family Tree Presents’ Sarah Pederson.

36 Crazyfists’ lead singer and co-founder Brock Lindow shares a similar sentiment.

“I think at some point we all become our dads in terms of the music we play and like,” laughs Lindow. “But what has always been cool about the Alaska music scene is how diverse it is. On any given night, any combination of bands can play together.”

But for Pederson, who has been promoting the Crazyfists since they began in 1994, metal still has a place in Alaska, and she has a plan to help bring it back to the forefront—even if it’s only for one night.

On Friday, Family Tree Presents and Koot’s will play host to the Crazyfists for their 25th-anniversary show, which promises to be an epic night of metal as the band will be joined by Thera and DECEPTICIDE. However, the lineup isn’t the only thing that makes this show different. The only way to get into the show is to possess one of a handful of golden tickets that have been floating around town for the last two weeks.

“With the help of local sponsors, we were able to make the show free, but we didn’t just want to have a lineup of people waiting to get in at the door on Friday. I think we all felt that the show needed something special,” says Pederson.

Part awareness campaign, part scavenger hunt, Family Tree Presents has been posting video hints as to the location of secret tickets at various spots around town. The result has been a building excitement level and sense of frenzy within the music community.

“It’s been a really fun way to build buzz about the concert, and it is something that has been a year in the making,” Pederson says. “I think it has also raised the profile of the Crazyfists for people who haven’t heard their music before.”

With seven studio albums and an extensive history of touring with metal legends—Killswitch Engage—the Crazyfists have worked hard to secure a die-hard fanbase, but bringing some new fans into the fold can only help the metal scene.

“The Crazyfists have always had their loyal fans—I don’t think there’s ever been a year that they didn’t play here unless they were heavily touring outside. But in the last probably five or six years we’ve started to see younger fans coming to the shows, and that’s a really good sign,” explains Pederson.

The 36 Crazyfists 25th-anniversary show will take place on Friday, December 6 at Koot’s beginning at 8pm. If you haven’t nabbed a golden ticket yet, don’t fret. A small number of tickets are still being given away on Friday. To find out where visit beginning at 9am on Friday.


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