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Musical multitasker Chad Reynvaan set to release his new album ‘21st Sensory’

Over the years, there has been a multitude of studies about the physiological factors that make it difficult for men to multitask. Chad Reynvaan may be the irrefutable evidence that some men can succeed at multitasking.

”I find that no matter what I’m doing, my mind is working on that newest song in the background. It can be a little much sometimes when you’ve been trying to wash dishes for ten minutes before realizing that you’ve been looping a drumbeat in your head while trying to figure out where to go for a bridge, instead of concentrating on washing the dishes,” explains Reynvaan.

A school bus driver by day, Reynvaan moonlights as an indie sound engineer for his home-based business, Wattage Studio. Although he enjoys the challenge of helping other bands perfect their sound, he’s stepping out from behind the soundboard next week to release a new solo album.

Fittingly called “21st Sensory”, Reynvaan’s album is filled with pop-rock gems that are reminiscent of some of his favorite musical influences, including The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac.

”I guess [my album] harkens back to what I want to hear in a song. As a songwriter, all I want to do is write a song like the songs that I would like to hear. Sometimes that’s loud garage-rock nonsense or a love song, and other times it’s a little more abstract,” says Reynvaan.

Although each of the album’s tracks has a unique flavor, one thing remains consistent—the superb quality of Reynvaan’s musicianship.

”This album took longer than it needed to because I was kind of anal about the sounds I was getting, and I wasn’t thrilled with the last solo record that I did in 2015,” Reynvaan says.

To help execute his vision, Reynvaan brought in longtime friend and music producer Mark Ward.

”So, he was there whenever it was an important session where I’d gotten the basics of a song down, but it needed to be tweaked a bit. He’s got a knack for everything music from arranging to playing to sonics in mixing, so it was a great collaboration that turned out an album I’m proud of,” says Reynvaan.

But don’t expect him to hit the road as a prolific solo act any time soon.

”I definitely think it’s more fun to be in a band instead of being the bandleader. It’s not fun being the guy that everyone comes to for answers. Playing with Medium Build was awesome because I love just being a background guy where someone else can deal with all the extra stuff, and I get to just show up and play music with my friends,” laughs Reynvaan.


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