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  • OHara Shipe

No Justice, No Peace

“Say his name,” cried George Floyd protesters on Saturday as they marched in downtown Anchorage.

Organized by Anchorage’s young social activists Markus Vinson and Taylor Steinmetz, Alaskans gathered in town square to march for social justice.

"When we organized this just a few days ago, I didn't think people would come. I thought maybe my friends and family would come but now, you are all my family," an impassioned Vinson told the crowd of hundreds. 

The protest brought together a diverse cross-section of Alaskans who turned up to not only protest the unlawful death of Floyd but also the systemic mistreatment of people of color. 

As one protester put it, “this will continue to happen to black people, and then it will happen to Latino people and it will keep going to whoever they decide to put at the bottom of the pyramid next. America is a meat grinder and we need to face that.”


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